MASSAGE has been practised for millennia, and is an excellent way to relax to keep and maintain your health and vitality. It is an effective and gentle way that counteracts the effects of exhaustion and restores calm in a stressed-out nervous system.

ENERGY BALANCING MASSAGE : It is a custom-made energy treatment massage. Every individual need to be approached, apprehended and touched in a specific way. The heart of this massage is the preservation, restoration, and harmonization of energy « Qi ». By drawing on the natural and internal resources of your body, the therapist applies a conscious touch with the right attitude and the right rhythm by using traditional techniques and knowledge of east and west based on the vital energy.

*All treatments are personalized 
Session: 75min /250$, 90min/300$

AUTHENTIC HOLISTIC : Origin of Bali. Ancestral method to harmonize the meridians, by using these gentle but profound techniques, the therapist helps you to restore your vital energy « Qi ». This full-body massage ventures beyond the simple physical limits and allows you to achieve a state of relaxation, health and greater well-being.

AYURVEDIC BIRENDA : Energetic, detoxifying and regulating massage. Birenda, the Bengali master who studied and developed the Ayurvedic tradition, designed this unique and traditional Indian massage. This very precise and codified protocol harmonizes the vital energy centres of the body, the Chakras. The tradition describes Chakras as junction points between the material and the consciousness. This global body massage works quite particularly with muscles, tendons and joints using techniques of vibrations, frictions, mobilizations and petrissage. The primary purposes are to improve digestion, to soften and to tone up the body.

SCULPTURAL FACE LIFTING: The Pioneer in the field of modern holistic beauty care. This is natural lifting without side effects and the risks of complications. Sculptural Face Lifting stimulates the internal resources of the body for natural rejuvenation and recovery. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, cellular respiration, and activates metabolism and tissue nourishment.

LEMNISCATE : The symbol of infinity. Movement, rhythm and the shape of « 8  » are the core of this very unique and gentle massage. Lemniscate is the fundamental movement in energy practices, which unites polarities. This massage plays an important role in the circulation of fluids and the restoration of tissue. The massage will bring you the feeling of unity, balance and harmony

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE : This massage is designed for the regeneration of the pelvic and abdominal organs and to relieve digestive disorders. Very gentle and light pressure with circular strokes will help to release the deep tensions due to stress, anxiety or emotions registered in the body’s memory. Will decrease the overall feeling of stress by helping you enter a state of relaxation.

MOTHER TO BE: It is a pre/postnatal massage. Very relaxing massage, light and enveloping strokes bring you great comfort, calm the pains of the back and the lumbar area, bring muscular relaxation and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Uses neutral organic massage oil. It is advised from 3 months of pregnancy.

SHIATSU : It is a manual technique of Japanese origin, involving acupressure. This method uses the entire body to restore harmony and balance of our vital energy, known as Qi. With reference to the knowledge of traditional Japanese medicine (which is based and almost identical to the concepts of Chinese medicine), this is a great and natural way to help in the relief of different functional disorders as well a great mode of relaxation. Shiatsu is performed through the clothing while lying on a floor mat.


USA, Session: 75min /250$, 90min/300$

I LOVE MY BOOBS. It is a workshop on self-breast massage with an expert in masso-therapies. A soft and natural method to protect the beauty and health of your breast! It is designed for women, of all ages, the purpose of which is to maintain the beauty and wellness of breasts and chest area, to encourage them to reconnect and to flourish in their bodies and their femininities.


  • A better appreciation of its own body, establishing self-confidence and to the acceptation of femininity,
  • To improve the beauty and the tonicity of breasts, to open/ relieve tensions in the chest area, to re-revitalize the blood and lymphatic circulation,
  • To reduce the risk of breast disease, and detect any modifications of mammary tissues,
  • Cancer awareness. Brest massage is recommended after surgery and treatments for breast cancer (with the agreement of your doctor).

I LOVE MY BOOBS: Here is an interview with doctor Mezzadri about breast massage:

Collective workshop and individual course by appointment only.

* These practices do not in any way replace proper health check-ups by a doctor. We do not intend to make a medical diagnosis, we practice this art and we remain true to the strict domain of well-being.