energy healing

ESSENIAN HEALING This ancient energy healing technique is based on Essenian & Egyptian teachings.

The Universal Knowledge that considers the subtle dimensions of Being. The human being in its multidimensional form, Body Spirit and Soul.

These healing methods, treatments and some times massage, are based on conscious work with Universal Energy called Prana, the Light .This method intend to awaken, clean, repair, restructure and harmonize the circulation of energy, release blocked cellular memories and awaken self-healing mechanisms, facilitate a state of consciousness or/and spiritual development.

Energy healing allows to:

  • Restore the flow of energy that may have been disturbed by stress, emotional shock, illness, negative thought forms, the difficulties of daily living…
  • Prevent if possible the energetic  blockages and stagnations,
  • Regain and create emotional, mental and physical harmony in the body.

USA, NewYork, In-person one-to-one treatment 90min/280$

This is « Gentle Touch , Hands-On » method, require direct access to the skin. 
(This supportive treatment is no substitute for traditional medicine).


ThetaHealing®  is an energy work developed by Vianna Stibal, allowing the brain to reach Theta waves and helps us to reprogram our subconscious mind and train with new thoughts and positive feelings. The ThetaHealing has the ability to lower stress and anxiety, lead to relaxation, enhance the mental clarity and creativity, aims psychical, physical and spiritual harmonization & wellbeing. The therapist through her meditative state and intuitive readings from the « Source » the Universal Consciousness, will helps you:

  • To know yourself better, to evolve, to reconnect to your true self,
  • To rise your vibratory level through a work of liberation from traumas/injuries, limiting subconscious beliefs .
  • Work on beliefs gives you the ability to replace negative thinking patterns with positive and beneficial ones.
  • To broaden your awareness, to fulfill your life purpose and to flourish,
  • Help you to create the manifestation of what you really want in your life ,

Transformations can be made at the level of the subconscious mind, family history, genetic and soul. ThetaHealing does not belong to any religion. It is alternative method body/soul.

*USA, New York, Session 60min/145$
*France, Paris, Session 60min/90€

In-person one-to-one sessions, and online (conference call ) will have same efficacy as in-person.

« The precious gift of our health results from a subtle balance between our soul and body » – Daniel Meurois