The latest study in 2020, based on the active French and American workforce population, identified hight level of stress or symptoms of burnout with one or more signs of emotional, physical exhaustion, psychological and professional over-commitment in more than 55 % of the population of managers and other white-collar professions, but also more of working populations in general. In addition, 43% of people suffer from back pain at work. The first causes identified would be: poor posture, stress and tensions experienced or suffered within the company.

These figures are particularly alarming.

In this context, THE ZEN WORLD offers you specific support in the form of workshops, interventions around various techniques, in order to promote the well-being of your employees, and so contribute to improve the performance of your company.

Relaxation, regeneration workshop

Because of the constant increase of the demands of modern life, we are faced with daily professional and personal stress. We must learn to manage exaggerated nervous stimuli, and deep fatigue that has become chronic and even normal for some.

Teaching RPS

The teaching of natural methods of well-being, in the prevention of Psychosocial Risks (PSR) related to the world of work.

Seated massage

In the professional world, it is a great way to deal with recovery from stress, in a relatively short period of time, allowing for maximum relaxation for a small investment.

Training Stress Management

In France, 27% of employees describe their work as being stressful, and the 3rd most common medical issue reported by occupational health professionals is back pain (29%) and musculoskeletal disorders (28%). Stress affects all occupational categories. It is reported higher among women (37%) than men (24%) percent.

Cohesion Group Strength

This is a team-building workshop to strengthen team spirit and solidarity.

Un principe général de protection de la santé physique et mentale, l’approche juridique :

« L’article L. 4121-1 du code du travail prévoit que « l’employeur prend les mesures nécessaires pour assurer la sécurité et protéger la santé physique et mentale des travailleurs ». Ces mesures de prévention, information, formation, organisation, reposent sur les principes généraux de prévention énoncés à l’article L. 4121-2 »