« Aim for the Universe you will understand the Earth »  A.Homé

COSMA MENTAL ART. A Way to Self-Mastery through active meditation. It is an exploration of physical and energetic dimensions of spiritual value.

This simple and deep method allows development of our perception, our field of strength, our energetic dimensions and raises our frequency.  This method is aimed at anyone who is concerned about her/his physical, energetic, mental and emotional balance and at anyone who is looking for meaning and evolution for the well-being of all.

We can optimize our energetic body, our health and balance by working with the «Qi» the vital energy the basis of any life form.

In these sessions and classes, we learn and practice breathing, visualization, concentration, movements, and grounding for regenerative, energizing and protective purposes.

This set of simple, realistic and effective tools is suitable to everyone and at all stages of their journey.

This method helps to:

  • Learn about being present and focused
  • Release tension and fatigue, boost our energy
  • Become aware of the subtle and power of our energy body
  • Develop our force field our “aura” airbag
  • Clean, purify and protect our energy centers
  • Explore dimensions of Feeling and listen to our inner perceptions so as to be guided more by our intuition
  • Develop intuitive consciousness
  • Understand the fundamental link between mental creation and manifestation
  • Maintain desire and strength to move forward
  • To be at peace and to grow in our different areas of expression and relationships.

Why ?
Because of the constant increase of the demands of modern life, we are faced with daily personal and professional stress. The uncertainty of the future work, money, familly, we must learn to manage exaggerated nervous stimuli and deep fatigue that has become chronic and even normal for some. These states that are draining our vitality often are leading to exhaustion.

Sentient beings, creative by nature, must learn to cultivate their energy, to organize their emotional structures while becoming masters of their thought.  The main idea of these explorations is to take a bath of Light, to find peace, to bring strength and balance in our daily lives, to have a clear vision of the projects and the destination.

It is the path of non-duality that cultivates non-opposition, and non-violence, seeking harmony and balance in all areas. This philosophy is based on « The Teaching of the Ethics of Life », also rooted in Kriya Yoga and Tibetan branch of the wisdom teachings.

Word COSMA symbolizes the alliance of universal consciousness and creative energy, the inherent interweaving between Man and the Universe.

The proposed discipline and practices help to link the Vital plane, the energy manifested by physical form/ our physical body, with the plan of higher Mind: the seat of consciousness and intuition. To cultivate the mind and to build the inner – space.

When channeled, activated, inhabited and nurtured, these different dimensions are the source of balance and inner security. These two fundamental keys, balance and security, allow to burn the doubt and to stop to disperse during the creation and organization of our ideas, aspirations and projects.

Creation calls upon this ability to create mentally, which initiates call « Mental Art ». The organization appeals to this ability to descend into matter, through vital energy.

After the unforgettable encounter in 2014 with Patrick Peytavi. and under his mentorship , the torch of these teachings and of Alexandre Homé was passed on to me. The trust, beauty, wisdom, light of his enthralling teachings have never ceased to guide me on my way of life. And with evidence in this Way that I, in turn pursue that transmission of knowledge and philosophy. 

USA, NewYork, from April 2024.
In person 1:1 session & guidance 75 minutes /180$
In-person: private group session & guidance 90/120 minutes pricing upon request.

NY,The River , in-person group session, members only, May 2nd ,2024. Information and booking directly with club manager.

Brooklyn ,NY in-person group session , intitiation « REGENERATION »session, Saturday April 27th, 2024, from 2.30pm-5pm , at DAYA YOGA, 1019 Seneca Ave, Ridgewood Brooklyn, DAYA SIGN UP & INFO

Brooklyn , NY, in-person group session « REGENERATION », Saturday TBC Jully 2024, at 11am-1pm , at Grand Street Healing Project, 105 Grand St , Brooklyn , NY 11249 . GSHP INFO CALENDAR .

USA 2024 : Training Level 1 « Aura Protection » . This 3 days training is proposed for therapists, yoga teachers, medical care, managers, anyone who wish to learn energy work for self regeneration and own biofield protection. Dates will be announced soon.

Paris :
In- person 1:1 sessions:
« COSMA» guidance 75min/100€
« CRYSTAL MIND » 2h15/220€ Coaching Harmonization with light therapy CrystalChroma followed with personal guidance. This work of mental preparation is to transform, break out of habitual patterns and develop a state of serenity and Self-Mastery.

In-person group sessions :
« REGENERATION & PROTECTION »- Saturday March 16th, 2024 from 2.30 to 4.30 PM at Maison Epigenetic, 4 rue Cimarosa, 75116 Paris .
In- person group session, reservation directly with THE ZEN WORLD.

« Expend, let go, suspend the tic tac of illusory time, that at the moment of a conscious reading we can become the masters of our systems again » – Alexandre Homé