Would you like to take care of yourself? I have selected the best practices, methods and energy therapy for you, primarily ancestral, after having carefully experienced them for many years. Enjoy my wellness expertise, a privileged moment beyond physical limits, a state of relaxation, health and well-being of the deepest.

Cosma Experience :

It is an active meditation, an exploration of physical and energetic dimensions of spiritual value. This simple and deep method allows development of our perception, our field of strength, our energetic dimensions and raises our frequency. This method is aimed at anyone who is concerned about her/his physical, energetic, mental and emotional balance.

Crystal Chroma :

Light therapy, this natural and effective treatment harmonizes and balance the body’s seven energy centers by association and projection of colored lights and sound waves.

Energy Healing :

These type of energy work methods are based on ancient teachings, the Universal Knowledge that considers the subtle dimensions of Being. The human being in its multidimensional form, Body,Spirit and Soul. These methods create physical , mental and emotional harmony in the body.

Sculptural Face Lifting :

The Pioneer in the field of modern holistic beauty care. This method was created by Yakov Gershkovich. It is one houndred percent natural and manual massage, lifting without side effects and the risks of complications. Sculptural Face Lifting stimulates the internal resources of the body for natural rejuvenation and recovery.

Massage :

Massage has been practised for millennia, and is an excellent way to relax to keep and maintain your health and vitality. It is an effective and gentle way that counteracts the effects of exhaustion and restores calm in a stressed-out nervous system.

Retreat / cure :

This private home retreat with personalized program will allow you to restore the connection between the body-mind-soul. Rejuvanate the physical body, regain the vitality and general harmony .